Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shiro ain't white anymore.

By my sis demand, I will post Shiro here, doing some erm, stuff.

Presenting, Shiro, which means White or Putih in Japs.

I think an Introduction is needed, Shiro is bought by my sis, can't remember when or when. The joints is very impressive, not even my Gundams can do that. The problem is, you really got to take care of it, or the joints will fall of or it won't bend for you anymore, so always keep a small screwdriver to tighten up those loose joints.

Shiro with Pavillons Hyper Bazooka.

Another angle

Shiro with Banderas Short GN Blade.
Tiba-tiba saje ingat pasal Cloud dengan Buster Sword....

With the GN Sword Riffle. Too heavy, can't lift it up. XD

I was boring at that time, so I took Tallgeeses II weapon (don't know the name), and made it a lot more cooler.

Last picture. A group photo of my Gundams and Shiro.
Happy now sis?


Nadia said...

now my room's pics pulak.


oh oh later i'll try to assemble my NEW acfig (action figure...) -- nantikan kemunculannyaaa~ XDDD

lepas exam ar. maybe esok. maybe.

Ahmadi said...


bile mase plak ko ade acfig??

Nadia said...

ble masa aku ada acfig?
haha...RAH - SI - A.

nantikan je~

wani ezryl * said...

i loove ur stuff!! xDD (and i love their poses!) :]

tangonovember said...

trimas, ko ade tak bende2 cam ni?