Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Medical Examination

Today I did a medical Examination for my application for UniKL. Pretty scared at the first time, since I don't know what will happen.

Note:The pics are 5MP resolution, I forgot to tune it down, if you have problem uploading those pics, please be patient

This is how the outside of the X-Ray room looks like. Look at how the lights turnes on, pretty cool eh? I wish I could get one for my room.

the nurse is very nice, she even gave me permission to take pics

and this is how the inside of an X-ray room looks like. The pink curtain on the left is where you undress (yes, you have to be top naked to get X-ray).

for those of you that doesn't know this thing, this is the place where you put your shameless body to get blasted with X-rays. See the white thinggy? that's the area where you should put your chin.

here's the procedure:
-take off you shirt
-keep your pants on (this is a must!)
-remove your belt, and any thing that's metal, including the inside of your pockets, and even your glasses.
-put your shameless body on the Lead screen (not in the pic)
-hold your breath
-and prepare to get X-rayed!

Here's the thang (thing?) that shot me from the back, pretty big. the procedure is super fast, it's like less than a second (I think, I didn't count)

and this is how my insides looks like, the Doc says I'm fine.

forgot to take the picture of the development film room. Sory, maybe next time (?)

and for the final test, the all important urine test!
you better drink a lot of water before coming to the clinic, just kidding, your body knows when to do the thang.
after the test, I walked at the hallway, and try not to laugh in front of people while holding a bottle of urine, and hand it to the nurse.

that's it, have any of you guys went to your medical examination?


Nadia said...


gambar-gambar yang...urm, descriptive...yeah.

tangonovember said...

well thank you