Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family Gathering of Abdul Rahman & Maimunah

The day before, my mom ask me, "want to go to Janda Baik?"
and I was like, "Janda Baik tu ape?", then I look at my dad, and he said, "Kat Pahang"
then it struck me, "OH! the family gathering!"

the family gathering thing is pretty big, the list alone is, well, a lot longger than my
Karangan BM. HAHAHA.

the trip was peaceful, not many traffic that day, and the place is cold.

The venue was at Seri Pengantin Resort, a nice place to stay. (free advertising)

now, this thing catches my attention, it's actually an A4 paper cut diagonally, it's amazing how people do to cut cost. okay, enough of that.

and what do you know, my cousin is even here for this event. Presenting kak, erm, sorry, DR. Farah. she looks different. sho look a lot skinnier the last time I saw her. and Sis, I hope you're reading this, does she look thinner to you?

by the time we arrive, we saw this. somekind of a ritual I think (just kidding)
Sukaneka was the main activities here. ah forgot to mention, the family gathering actually started yesterday (6/7/2008). a lot of activities that day.

heck, even my lil bro join in.

by the request of my sis, here's the river, pretty clean for a sungai in Malaysia

My dad even join (unwilingly) in the game. it was How-long-can-you-peel-an-apple stuff. sadly, he din't win, he just wanted the apple.

I also join in mah! first place! the competition was put an orange between you and your partners backs, and run sideways like he77! the goods? well, look for yourself...

its nearing the end of the day, so everyone is gathered in the Surau for a family slide show.

there's also a pop quiz about the family history. after the (hard) quiz, one of the senior family members talk about the family history, where we come from and other stuff. I found out that my Great grandfather came to Malaysia in 1911 from Jakarta, fleeing from the Dutch, and since then, lived here.

if you guys were wondering whats up with the red/maroon shirts, it's the official(official?) attire for the gathering. don't worry sis, you got one too.

well, I guess that's about it. pretty fun to hear about my family early days.


Nadia said...

ye, Kak Farah nampak sangat kurus...hampir tak kenal. what's with the hair? =P

yay Tshirt~

tu je ke ko ingat pasal sejarah great grandfather (aka Tuan Abdul Rahman) kita? lerrr. amek laa notaaa. sedey ni.

wani ezryl * said...

wah dats quite a big, interesting family u hv. kalau big family kitorg, ntah bile la nk buat family gathering mcm ni. hari tu ada datuk sedara usulkan, tp kitorg mmg xde la nk menganjur2kan benda ni. tggu org len anjur.. wahaha xPPP

tangonovember said...

Well, dia cakap cepat sangat, dan cara dia cakap sangat manarik, sampai nak menulis nota pun tak ingat!
ade ingat skit, ade ahli keluarga kite sekarang sedang bergiat dalam bidang politik. nama tak ingat, sbab tak minat politik