Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Disaster week!

Sbab tengok 2 cerita bertemakan bencana alam. First adalah Anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, baru keluar tahun ni, dan ceritanya memang best, sampai kat final episode, nak menangis aku! Second adalah movie 2012, padat jugak wayang time tu, sampai aku dapat duduk kat front seat, jalan cerita ok, cume bile love scene tu mengganggu je, dan ending pun tak best sangat.

Moving on, let's take a look at todays pic:

Yes, nombor plate tu memang wujud.(no. belakang terpaksa dicensored kan)

Dan Semalam adalah hari yang istimewa bagi ku, kerana:

ataupun dalam Bahasa Malaysia nya:

Nasib baik ingat lagi camne nak buat effect ni, BTW aku edit pakai Paint je.

and what do I want for my special day?

"Here's your present. Ddd.. Dont't take it the wrong way!, I'm just being nice to you because it's your birtday!!hmph!!"

A Tsundere girl giving me my birthday present, but alas, reality is a pain in the arse...

+ Aku yang sedang syok main StepMania walaupun Final start next week

Saturday, November 7, 2009


finally know how to make a GIF (decent ones) animation!
credits to my Sis for showing me the way!

so far, I only made three:

Took these pictures during the Ramadhan, me and Inmates went to the LCCT runway to watch the plane taking off

Raya Family Photo, well more like the sequence before the pictures are taken

Always wanted to try this. Got the idea from watching Evangelion, but decided to go with this, since its much more simpler.
Sorry for the LARGE image, double-click it to make it small.

And for you Fansubs fan, CLICK HERE. Links from
Seriously, aku gelak sampai sakit gigi aku!

Till next time!