Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new entry, and a new DSLR!!

In conjuction with my NEW DSLR, I figured I should play it around to get familiar with it. So here are the results!:

Yeah, the car is kotor, I know..

Some flowers at my house's garden:

Love the spiral thingy

Wind chime:

And now, for my figurines!:

Currently my wallpaper!

GP-03 from MS oo83 Stardust Memories

GN-X from Gundam 00

Just like at Odaiba!!

RX 78-2 Ver. Ka

Eva unit o1, Perfect Grade, from Neon Genesis Evangelion
thank you again Kakak for this gift!!

this is one bad-ass mecha!

Exia doing the G Gundam pose!

Gundam Exia, 1/60 scale No Grade, from Gundam 00

So, there you have it. Ain't bad for a beginner like me.
Hope to post more since my Kodak V570 broke down.

NOTE: All the pictures except the last 11 have been shrink down for easier viewing for slow internet user