Friday, August 15, 2008

JPA3 closing ceremony

Somehow I got choosen to witness this event.
what can I say? refuse? heck no!

From left: you guys already knew him, Epit, Syafiq, and Ogy

Dang, I want that cone so bad!!

Forgot to mention, the ceremony was in Seremban(kampung ku~), so we had to get there by a truck, but not just any truck, we had to get there with THE JPA3 truck.
That's luq (my right)

See how we all excited riding in a truck?
BTW, thats Afiq.

I guess there's a good reason why there's a bucket there...

When we arrive, everybody was like staring at us(must be the blue jacket), how rude!

And what do you know, my former math teacher Puan Azian is also here. Well, that's to be expected, since she's the one in charge of JPA3 in school.

But this was not to be expected, the juniors are also here, they claim they know me, but I don't even recognize them, but hey, a little group photo couldn't hurt. HIHI

The drain/longkang in here is amazing, I don't know if you guys can see but there's a fish in the drain!! not one, but many!!!

Some of the interesting events:

Hakka, JPA3 style.

This is not a stunt, this is real.
click the pic to enlarge.

I like this pic, nice angle.

After that, we went for Friday prayer.

This is taken in front of the Masjid, weird name for a store...


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wani ezryl * said...

orang malaysia memang prihatin.. nampak benda pelik sikit je, akan stare2 camtu T_T"

tangonovember said...

One of the weird things in Malaysia eh?

Nadia said...

yeah, must be the blue jacket. or sebab korang nampak, lain dari yang lain maybe...

uih best gle mende ni~ JPA3 ni watpe sbnrnya?

Nadia said...

oh, lg satu :
Rahsia Ayah Enterprise = THE WIN.

Nadia said...

another one :
juniors ko ade crush kat ko kot...ketua kelas berkaliber laa katakan...hoho.

tangonovember said...

kan dah TERTERA tadi, closing ceremony(tamat latihan pegawai), skali dengan pegawai JPA3 pencen

berkaliber, hihihi
*hidung memanjang dengan tiba-tiba*