Saturday, August 23, 2008

CCC Group Binding

Today the CCC have organised a group binding activity. All members are required to come. I'm a member, hard to believe isn't it?

The chicken dance.LOLZ

The next activity is the Personality Colour Quiz, I got Orange, the last time I did this quiz, which is like 2 years ago, I got green, that's a huge personality changes.

After that, a game called "main kerusi" don't know the English term for it. It's a pretty aggressive game since all the participants are big guys.

Last activity, all new members of CCC are required to built an aircraft model using nothing but PVC pipes. All of us decided to built Heli, since it's much more easier.

However the seniors weren't impressed, so they give us another chance to rebuilt it, this time we built a model based on the Chinook.

All of us have to lift the model up, and carried it around like a real Helicopter.


myspace editor layouts said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

stock picker said...

thats amazing story.

wani ezryl * said...

ok dats was creative.. and imaginative too ^^

wani ezryl * said...


typo typo :B

tangonovember said...


Nadia said...

LOL Chinook XD
aa cam best je personality quiz tuuu~ kena carik nihhh~

tangonovember said...

Wafiq rase akak mesti dapat Oren

Nadia said...

apsal? sbb akak ske oren? hoho.
mane bleh akak sama ngan ko.
takleh, takleh.

tangonovember said...

ceh, klau tak caya, pi la amik sendiri test tu