Thursday, July 17, 2008

SC stands for Sekat Connection

This is the canteen, or dining hall, or tempat makan or whatever you wanna call it. The place is run by
KLAS(Kuala Lumpur Airport Service), which also supply food for Malaysia Airlines.

Introduction to some of my classmates: Chan (in green), Adam or budak Europe, or Scoctish boy (the one with the tissue).

So went to the Hangar again, just for the fun as usual. the guy in blue is Michi.

Again, me doing the usual stuff.

Hey baby, wanna take a ride in my pimp out ride?
LOLZ. can't resist typing that one.

Saw this one at the back of the acedemic block, I heard stories from seniors, that used to be an office.....or something


wani ezryl * said...

sangat cool la kalau bangkai *can call 'bangkai' or not?* pesawat tu pernah jd ofis! xD ofis yg lain drp yg lain!!

tangonovember said...

boleh la pkai perkataan tu.