Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hangar Hangover

Went back to MIAT, after the last class of the day end, some of the guys want to go to the Hangar.

A-4 Skyhawk, donated by the RMAF

B-747 Jumbo Jet Main landing Gear, well a part of it.

The A-4 from another angle.

B-737 (I don't think this is correct) empenage or tail section.

Can't remember the name, I think it's a 125 Skyhawk, not really sure.

Dan doing the Pilot flight check.
Note: those gauges(below) aren't real, those are stickers.

Just having some fun with the controls.

Me as usual doing some crazy stuff.

Photo oppurtunity!! Took a picture of people who also taking pictures!

I personally love this photo. I called this one
"Blue Sky Blue Nest"

Just to show you guys how big is the Hangar really is.


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wani ezryl * said...

mahhh byk gile buttons!! (kalau emergency ni sah2 kite xtau nak tekan yg mana satu.. butang auto-pilot pun jgn harap nk tau T_T)

tangonovember said...

selalunya butang autopilot depan skali