Friday, July 11, 2008

Exploring a bit

Today got nothing to do, so I went jalan-jalan a bit.

First destination: Yazids room, which is right next to mine.

LOLZ. I think this is a must for people like us who is staying in Hostel.
See the Palm trees? yep, MIAT is really secluded from civilization

As promised, the pic of the Heli, can't remember the name but I do know it's from Poland.

My first encounter with Rashdan (fellow classmate) and Tan.

and check out his phone, it has a built in TV inside it man!!!
but there's not much coverage here though


guam divorce immigration said...

help me.

lotto sweepstakes said...

Baw ah, kasagad sa imo maghimo blog. Nalingaw gd ko basa.

wani ezryl * said...

built-in tv?!! what the---- *kagum* apekah nama model phone tu??

tangonovember said...

tak tau la, phone tu takde tulis pun brand die

Nadia said...

dapat Animax tak? ke channel bese je?

ps : agh contrast skrin komputer nih cam harammm tak nampak jelas heli tu aaa~

tangonovember said...

channel biasa je, tapi die cakap bleh letak Astro, tapi aku caya la