Sunday, July 13, 2008

Menara Taming Sari

Just want to show you guys this

Finally the tower is completed, so me and the rest of my family went there to see if the tower can live up to it's expectation. The tower is like 90+ metre if I'm not mistaken.

the revolver thingy/Lif that takes you up.

Warning: do not try this!!

The revolver thingy spin 360 degree at 90+ metre, not much to see at this height, just buildings and sea.

After that, we went down (I feel disapointed) and I saw this, you don't see this much nowadays.

Then went to Dataran Pahlawan, which is really close to the tower, and I realized that my camera battery is low, I quickly took this picture, why this tree? because it's the nearest, HAHA


trade penny stocks said...

very nice! hahahahaha

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I truly appreciate it.

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wani ezryl * said...

sebbaik menara taming sari ni tak turun naik laju2 macam spaceshot kat genting tu kan.. ahaha

tangonovember said...

gile la, naik turun laju camtu!!
mesti lagi rmai orang yang nak naik nanti

Nadia said...

tak dapat baca. damn screen contrast T_T

menara taming sari yang...agak tak berapa sesuai kalo letak kat melaka...melaka was awesome even without the tower, yeah.

Nadia said...

oh oh -- akak polis berbasikal!! ade lagi ek polis berbasikal skarang. hebat.

tangonovember said...

betul tu!
jangan la letak bende bodoh kat Melaka lagi, Melaka dah cukup cantik dah

Nadia said...

'benda bodoh' lol.

tangonovember said...

memang patut pun designated semua tu "bende bodoh"