Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our only entertainment, the Library

The Library is a heaven on earth for me. The place is full of books about aircraft!!!
The only problem is, there's not just enough book!!

Just look at those shelves!!so many books!!!!!

Lat books are also here.

See how happy I am reading this kind of books?


wani ezryl * said...

hohh u looked serious reading those books x]

tangonovember said...

nak amik gambar punya pasal

Nadia said...

yes you look very happy good for you.

sealants and adhesives...serius baca?

ps : library memang best sbnrnya. *diri sendri baru tau library kat sini best haha*

tangonovember said...

oh yeah, skit nak tau gam ape die guna